LeBron James and Kevin Love held a poolside meeting days before they both hit free agency


love and lebron

Jason Miller/Getty

LeBron James and Kevin Love could remain teammates in 2015-16.

LeBron James and Kevin Love, as expected, have both opted out of their contracts and will become free agents on July 1.

While James is widely expected to simply sign a new deal with the Cavs, there's been more speculation about whether Love would bolt in free agency.

Love and James had an awkward relationship in their first year together, and when the Cavs made the Finals without Love for most of the playoffs, there were doubts about whether Love would want to return to Cleveland.


However, with just days before free agency starts, it seems LeBron, Love, and some friends were caught holding a meeting at a pool. 

Former rapper and current podcaster/art dealer Jensen Karp tweeted a photo of what appears be a poolside, cabana-shaded meeting:


Joe Vardon of the Northeast Ohio Media Group confirmed that the meeting took place, but reports that it wasn't a recruitment visit. Last week Chris Haynes of the NEOMG reported that LeBron doesn't plan to recruit Love this offseason, because, "He believes Love understands he can be a part of something special."

Still, one would imagine that free agency and the Cavs' future would have come up in some capacity during this pool party. In recent days there have been reports that Love will re-sign with the Cavs:


Despite playing well without Love, the Cavs are still in a tight position this summer, and their ultimate ceiling with their current core of players is lower without Love. Though their defense improved without Love in the playoffs, the Cavs missed his presence on offense, particularly James, who had nobody to look to on offense in the Finals.

Re-signing Love and LeBron will be just two items on Cleveland's long to-do list this summer - Tristan Thompson, J.R. Smith, Iman Shumpert, and Matthew Dellavedova are all free agents as well. 

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