Microsoft India, CBSE partner up to encrypt the exam system for Class 10 and Class 12

  • CBSE and Microsoft India have partnered together to digitally encrypt Class 10 and Class 12 examination papers.
  • The entire process can be digitally monitored using a software solution that’s built on Windows 10 and Office 365.
  • A pilot test conducted in a Class X compartmental examination was successful.
Exam papers leaking in India are, unfortunately, a common phenomenon. From metropolitan cities to regional cases, there are quite a few chinks in the armour for the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). In order to address these concerns, CBSE has partnered up with Microsoft to encrypt the secondary school examinations in India.

Microsoft’s solutions have already been witness to a successful pilot which was conducted during one of Class 10’s compartmental examinations. Which is why they’re now going to launch the program for Class 10 and Class 12 classes pan-India across 20,299 schools.

Encrypted conversations

Using a software solution that’s built on Windows 10 and Office 365, the Controller of Examination can monitor the whole pipeline. It starts with the CBSE administration initiating the process at his end.

Once that’s done there’s an outflow of emails to each of the exam centers with a link to OneDrive, Microsoft’s file-hosting service, enclosed within. The exam administrator can then download the exam paper that is specific to his exam centre.

All the papers are watermarked so that they can be tracked in case of a leak and even the exam administrator has to clear a two-factor authentication to access the papers.

None of this can even be activated until it’s 30 minutes to the exam start time. This measure alone reduces the risk of a leak by limiting the preemptive time frame.

Paper leaks and examination controversy is no stranger to India. It’s actually one of the many reasons that the government conducts a lot of its entrance exams online in partnership with TCS iON, a unit of Tata Consultancy. Since their examinations are completely online, the scope for human error is greatly reduced.

Time alone will tell whether or not Microsoft’s solution will hold up to the promise of saving time and money while increasing security.

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