Neiman Marcus is selling a pork roast that costs $410


neiman marcus pork roast

Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus' stuffed pork crown roast.

Neiman Marcus, the upscale department store perhaps best known for its annual "Fantasy Gifts" guide for the ultra-wealthy, has added some luxury premade food items to its offerings - and they're pretty over the top.


There's a stuffed pork crown roast, for example, that retails for $410 plus an additional $32 for shipping. Already fully cooked and frozen, the roast weighs approximately 12 pounds and can serve up to 24 people. It comes with three pounds of dried cherry and roasted pecan dressing.

Also on offer is a set of four seven-ounce chicken pot pies that are on sale for $75, plus $15.50 for shipping. Or if you're in the mood for tamales, you can order a pack of six dozen of them for $92, in addition to an $18 delivery fee.

Neiman Marcus is known for its upscale products, but these are certainly some of the most luxurious frozen foods we've ever seen. Though a representative for the store told Business Insider that it has offered pre-made food for more than 20 years, these offerings appear to be new.

Neiman Marcus ships perishable items directly from its vendors to customers, and this kind of delivery is not available on Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, or holidays. If you need to cancel an order, you'll have to let them know at least four days before your delivery date.


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