Netflix sees an Upside Up with Stranger Things 3 breaking records with 40 million viewers in 4 days

A still from Stranger Things season 3. Photo: Netflix

  • There are as many as 40 million views to the show
  • And, around 18 million of them have already finished the season
If are hoping to catch Stranger Things season 3 at your own pace while escaping spoilers — you might be disappointed. There are as many as 40 million people chatting about the show. And, around 18 million of them have already finished the season!

The nostalgic sci-fi series, Stranger Things 3, has broken all the viewing records within four days of its worldwide launch. Video streaming giant Netflix has tweeted about this, breaking its reputation of secrecy on viewership data.

These numbers are much “more than any other film or series in its first four days,” Netflix said in a tweet. The streaming platform has over 140 million accounts globally.

Stephen King World

The horror series which mimicks Stephen King’s books, tells the story of a bunch of science nerds who meet a strange girl called Eleven with supernatural powers. But, the otherwise sleepy town is also infested with strange beings from another world called ‘Upside Down’ with dark creatures trying to break through.

In the last two seasons, the show had strange beings called Demogorgon, which also attaches itself to one of the children later to ‘flay’ minds! This time around, the series set in 1980s shows a ragtag gang of suburban pre-teens fight a new threat at — the Starcourt Mall — in their fictional town of Hawkins.

Even before Netflix can start celebrating the success of this season, fans are knocking on their door for a Season 4. David Harbour, who plays police chief Jim Hopper, told CNET Magazine that the series will have at least four seasons.
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