Jalgaon City Jalgaon Rural Amalner Erandol Chalisgaon Pachora Assembly Election candidate list and results 2019

Maharashtra’s Jalgaon Lok Sabha constituency contains six Vidhan Sabha seats namely Jalgaon City, Jalgaon Rural, Amalner, Erandol, Chalisgaon, and Pachora. Among them, none are reserved seats and hence general candidates can contest for all of them.

For the 2019 general elections for the Vidhan Sabha of Maharashtra, BJP is fielding Suresh Damu Bhole (Rajumama) who is the sitting MP of the Jalgaon city seat once again from the same seat. The Shiv Sena candidate for the Jalgaon Rural seat is Gulabrao Patil. Shirish Chaudhari is the BJP candidate for Amalner. The BJP is fielding Mangesh Ramesh Chavhan from the Chalisgaon constituency. Kishore Patil is the Shiv Sena candidate Pachora seat.

The election date for all the Maharashtra assembly constituencies is October 21, 2019 and the counting of votes will happen on October 24, 2019.


In the parliamentary elections 2019, A.T. Nana Patil of the BJP won from the Jalgaon seat and became a Member of Parliament by securing 383,525 more votes than Annasaheb Dr.Satish Bhaskarrao Patil of the NCP.

During the 2014 general elections, BJP candidate Suresh Damu Bhole (Rajumama) won from Jalgaon City constituency by securing 42314 votes more than the runner up candidate Sureshkumar Jain of SHS. From the Jalgaon Rural seat, SHS candidate Patil Gulab Raghunath of the NCP secured 31367 votes more than the Deokar Gulabrao Baburao of the NCP and won the seat. From the Amalner seat, Shirishdada Hiralal Chaudhari of the IND scored 21239 votes more than the runner up candidate Anil Bhaidas Patil (Amalner). The winning MP from the Erandol seat was Annasaheb Dr. Satish Bhaskarrao Patil of the NCP who secured 1983 votes more than Patil Chimanrao Rupchand of the SHS. From the Chalisgaon seat, Unmesh Bhaiyyasaheb Patil of the BJP secured 22380 votes more than the runner up candidate Deshmukh Rajiv Anil of NCP. The winner from the Pachora constituency was Kishor Appa Patil of the SHS who scored 28403 votes more than Dilip Onkar Wagh of the NCP.