RANKED: The 42 laziest dog breeds in America



One oddly affectionate nickname I have for my dog Oreo is "slug."

No couch or bed is safe from Oreo, a pit bull mix and professional lounger who gladly snoozes on wood, concrete, dirt, hard plastic dog toys, and even piles of rocks.

whistle gps collar pit bull dog labeled dave mosher

Dave Mosher/Tech Insider

A Whistle GPS collar on Oreo.

But are pit bulls really that lazy as far as dog breeds go? What about chunky bulldogs or droopy basset hounds or other lackadaisical pet canines?

To find out, Business Insider asked Whistle - a company that makes a GPS and activity-tracking dog collar - what the least active dog breeds are based on the data they see from the roughly 150,000 Americans who've used its products. (Like all data, this set has limitations - see our notes at the end.)


Here are the 42 least active breeds in the US, ranked by average minutes of activity a day.

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