Hilaria Baldwin defended her decision to hire a nanny, saying it's 'OK to accept help'

  • Hilaria Baldwin, the wife of actor Alec Baldwin, recently discussed her decision to employ a nanny.
  • In an interview with the podcast "Mom School", the pregnant mother of four said followers often criticize her for having a caregiver.
  • Baldwin said that having a nanny allows her to work while also raising her children, and that there's no shame in asking for help.

Hilaria Baldwin, wife of actor Alec Baldwin, has been refreshingly open about many of the ups and downs of motherhood — including her struggles with pregnancy loss.

On Wednesday, the pregnant mother of four got candid again — this time, to defend her decision to employ a nanny. In an interview on the podcast "Mom School," the yoga instructor touched on a number of topics, including how followers often judge, and criticize her, for having help with raising her children.

"People will write to you and say, 'Ugh, she has a nanny,'" Baldwin said during the podcast, which People also reported about, "but that doesn't mean that you don't take care of your own kids. It literally means I am also working. I work every single day. And for people to make you feel badly about that is not fair."Advertisement

Hilaria Baldwin defended her decision to hire a nanny to help with her four children

My oldest and my youngest . Carmen is obsessed with this bathing suit...it sort of fits her and we have nowhere to swim...but when in quarantine, why not ‍♀️???

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Baldwin added that both she and her husband don't have family nearby, saying: "It is okay to accept help, and there is no shame that other people should give you because of that."

Hiring a nanny is expensive. It's often a luxury reserved for the wealthy, especially in New York City, where the Baldwins live. There, the average hourly rate is $18. That rate typically goes up when a nanny is responsible for caring for more than one child.

Working, while also taking care of children, particularly four young children, can prove to be impossible for many families. During the pandemic, parents have often had no choice but to resort to makeshift childcare, which might mean splitting the work day and working through the night, while also balancing homeschooling and keeping children safe.

Baldwin rarely posts about her nanny on Instagram

While Baldwin has shared intimate moments about life with her children, including details about her two recent pregnancy losses, her nanny is noticeably absent from her Instagram posts. That's something followers often criticize celebrities for doing — making it look like "doing it all" can be effortless.

Other celebrities, including Amy Schumer and Chrissy Teigen, have done the opposite. They've openly shared how grateful they are for their caregivers, highlighting how much work goes into raising children, and how necessary having extra help can be for many parents.

Grateful for people that make our dysfunctional house functional ❤️

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In November, Teigen posted a photo to Instagram of her personal chef and childcare providers on Instagram, and wrote: "Grateful for people that make our dysfunctional house functional. ❤️"Advertisement