Iggy Azalea says she refuses to join OnlyFans because it 'f---s up the bag' for real sex workers

Iggy Azalea says she refuses to join OnlyFans because it 'f---s up the bag' for real sex workers
Iggy Azalea announced that she has a son.Gary Gershoff / Getty Images
  • Twitter users asked Australian rapper Iggy Azalea if she would join OnlyFans.
  • Azalea said she would never join because it'd harm sex workers who rely on the platform for a living.
  • Celebrities like Bella Thorne have been criticized for joining the platform.

On Sunday, Iggy Azalea told fans that she would never join erotic content platform OnlyFans.

"I think onlyfans can be really empowering for people, But I WILL NEVER, EVVVER join," Azalea wrote on Twitter. "I don't want to make that type of content & it only f--k up the bag for ppl on there who really bout that life. Shoutout to the baddies tho!!!!"

Sex workers and allies have previously criticized celebrities like Bella Thorne for joining the platform, which is a main source of income for those in the sex work industry. After Thorne joined OnlyFans and made $1 million in one day, the platform set a $50 limit on tips, Insider's Canela Lopez previously reported. Veteran sex workers and those who joined the platform to make money after losing jobs during the pandemic called out Thorne, saying she was "gentrifying" a platform marginalized communities need more than she does.
Azalea's refusal to join the platform is a rare acknowledgment of sex workers and the difficult jobs they do.

The rapper, who is known for her sexy music videos and was previously criticized for cultural appropriation, later asked Twitter followers to share their own OnlyFans accounts.

"Let's start a promo chain for y'all on my page while we're on the subject. where the bad b-----s at?" Azalea wrote.

Fans praised Azalea for her approach.

"Iggy gets it. Celebrities go on and make more in an hour than most people could possibly make in a year...while so many are just trying to pay their rent," one follower wrote."GIRL, THANK YOU. So tired of people f-----g up my game," another wrote.