Mets fans are grateful that A-Rod and J.Lo didn't buy team after their engagement was reportedly called off

Mets fans are grateful that A-Rod and J.Lo didn't buy team after their engagement was reportedly called off
Evan Agostini/Invision/AP
  • Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez's engagement has been cancelled.
  • The two made a bid to purchase the New York Mets over the summer but lost out to Steve Cohen.
  • Mets fans on social media are relieved the team is free of the drama between Rodriguez and Lopez.

The recent news that Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez have called off their engagement has given New York Mets fans a haunting premonition of what could have been.

Rodriguez and Lopez made a joint bid along with several other investors to purchase ownership of the team last summer. The couple lost out to hedge fund manager Steve Cohen, who won the bidding war for $2.4 billion.

Had Rodriguez and Lopez bought the Mets, the recent reports of their breakup by Emily Smith of Page Six would weigh much heavier into Mets fans' emotions at the moment. The fanbase is already coming off an ownership reign plagued with scandals under former owner Jeff Wilpon, who infamously plunged the team into financial uncertainty as an investor of Bernie Madoff's 2008 Ponzi scheme.

A celebrity custody battle would have been an appropriate next step in a long line of dysfunctional chapters in Mets history. Still, the fan base can now celebrate that the organization avoided that mess under Cohen's ownership.

Here's how some high profile Mets fans have reacted to the news:


WFAN New York Sports radio host Evan Roberts was broadcasting live when news of the canceled engagement broke.

"This could have been our lives," Roberts said. "There is no self-respecting Met fan who preferred A-Rod and J.Lo over Steve Cohen ... If [Rodriguez and Lopez] successfully bought the Mets ... what would have happened?!"

The official Twitter account for The 7 Line, a fan group and apparel company that makes Mets-themed merchandise shares the sentiment that Mets fans dodged a bullet with Rodriguez and Lopez.

New York Post sports reporter Kirsten Fleming stirred the emotional imagination of Mets fans on Twitter as well.

Former LA Times columnist Patrick Goldstein reiterated how lucky the Mets were that the couple did not buy the team, even going so far as to call Rodriguez and Lopez "narcissists."


Nick Silva on Twitter pondered a hypothetical scenario in which Rodriguez would have only owned the Mets every other weekend while Lopez took primary custody.

Dylan Hornik on Twitter brought up a scenario in which either Rodriguez or Lopez would have to move into Clover Park, the Mets' spring training grounds.

Tony Quarantino offered his take on what the reported breakup means for the Mets, saying that the team can now be judged for its own ability, or lack thereof, instead of ownership drama.