Tom Brady appeared to make a massage parlor reference in a new Netflix show after Patriots owner Robert Kraft's prostitution charge

Tom Brady and Robert Krafy
  • New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady appeared in a new Netflix show walking out of a "Top Happy Spa" in what some Twitter users interpreted as a tongue-in-cheek reference to Patriots owner Robert Kraft's charge for soliciting prostitution at a massage spa in Florida earlier this year.
  • Some Twitter users expressed surprise at the appearance, which some said made light of Kraft's prostitution charge.
  • The show's creator and star Paul Rudd said he chose Tom Brady to appear in a cameo based on his "excellence" as a football player.
  • Brady later said the media had taken the clip out of context and that he and Kraft have a good relationship.
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Tom Brady appeared to joke about Patriot's owner Robert Kraft's prostitution scandal in a clip from a new Netflix show.

Patriots star and three-time NFL MVP Tom Brady briefly appeared on actor Paul Rudd's new comedy show, where he played himself walking out of a "Top Happy Spa."
The premise of Rudd's show, called "Living With Yourself," is that the struggling character gets special "treatment" at the spa and gets a new attitude toward life which encourages him to work harder and treat his wife better.

While the "treatment" in the show is not sexual, Brady's appearance walking out of the spa follows a similar narrative that got his team's owner, Robert Kraft, charged with two counts of soliciting prostitution.

In February, Florida police charged Robert Kraft, the billionaire owner of the New England Patriots, with two counts of soliciting prostitution. Video evidence caught Kraft paying for sexual services at Asia Day Spa in Juniper, Florida, the police told reporters.

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Police had been conducting a months-long investigation into human trafficking at Florida spas. While investigators were focusing on illegal human trafficking, the prosecutor for Kraft's case conceded there was no evidence to substantiate their suspicions that human trafficking occurred."It's manifestly obvious to us that this is human trafficking, but without the evidentiary piece of a victim's testimony we could not prevail in court," Martin County Sheriff William Snyder told Business Insider's Benjamin Goggin.

Rudd has said he thought to use Brady in the show due to his "excellence" as a football player. In the show, Rudd asks Brady how many times he's visited the spa and Brady says six - the number of times he's won a Super Bowl.

"That's the perfect person to use," Rudd told USA Today earlier this week. "Nobody seemed to check every box like Tom Brady. He's the epitome of excellence in just about every category."

Some fans on Twitter, however, thought the tongue-in-cheek cameo made light of Kraft's prostitution and potential sex trafficking charge.

"I absolutely cannot believe Tom Brady agreed to do this," CBS sportswriter Pete Blackburn wrote.

Brady told reporters on Saturday the media took his Netflix cameo out of context, and that he and Kraft have a good relationship. He added he "sympathizes" with what Kraft has gone through in life.

"It's unfortunate people think I would choose to do something like that about Mr. Kraft," Brady said. "I think everybody knows what our relationships about. 20 years, it's nothing but love and respect."