Steve Wynn has 'had enough' of the Mayor of Boston


Steve Wynn

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Steve Wynn

"I've had enough of Mayor Walsh," billionaire casino mogul Steve Wynn told The Boston Globe in a recent phone interview.


It's the latest in a knock down, drag out fight between Wynn and the City of Boston over where and how Wynn Entertainment can build its $1.7 billion Everett casino project.

Boston has asked a court to invalidate Wynn's casino license, accusing the company of influencing the licensing process in its favor.

"I can't negotiate with him," Wynn told The Boston Globe. "The man is obviously irresponsible," he added.

"The mayor has to get off his butt."


Yes. Butt.

There are allegations of a retired state troopers on Wynn's payroll checking out confidential files in the attorney general's office. According to the Globe, the files pertained to Charles Lightbody, a felon who owned some property Wynn wanted to build on.

Wynn refers to Lightbody as an "idiot" and denies these allegations.

From the Globe:

He also insisted he had no prior knowledge of an improper ownership in the Everett land. It came to light, according to Wynn, when "this moron Lightbody called some hoodlum in jail. . . . These two idiots had a conversation." During that conversation, Wynn said, Lightbody said he had not really sold his ownership shares in the land. When Karen Wells, the gaming commission's investigator, found out about it, Wynn said, she told one of his representatives that "they tried to trick you." Now, asks Wynn, "Should we be punished for that?"


US Attorney Carmen Ortiz's office filed Court documents saying that the city "spewed and spun" rumors to build the allegations in a case against Wynn.

We throw our hands up on this one.

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