The Ultra-Modern Store That Gives E-Commerce A Whole New Dimension


STORY store

Courtesy STORY

A New York-based startup is giving small businesses, big brands, and e-commerce companies physical spaces where they can connect with consumers in a cohesive way.


STORY launches a themed store every few weeks. Past themes have included love, wellness, and color.

Founder Rachel Shechtman describes her business as "a dating service using storytelling as the matchmaker between brands and consumers."

While not all of STORY's featured brands are traditionally e-commerce, Shechtman has made an effort to integrate online like never before.

The brand has worked with startups including Birchbox, ArtSpace, and Quirky.


"We are a living advertorial - and one in which the sponsor aka 'advertiser' adds credibility and conversation to the subject matter therefore driving impact in real life and a compelling story," Shechtman told us.

Her business was profitable in the first year and has received international attention because of the unique experience it creates for shoppers.

STORY just launched its latest theme ART in partnership with open through April 16th - the store is in the swanky Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan.