The US government is hiring a project manager for Burning Man


The Bureau of Land Management, the US Department of Interior agency responsible for managing 264 million acres public land, is hiring a project manager for Burning Man.


The annual salary for the full-time position ranges from $69,497 to $90,344.

The responsibilities of the position are riddled with government abbreviations, like in the following sentence: "Incumbent is to perform as project leader for complex projects such as RMPs, major EIS's and EA's and Special Recreation Permits, in particular the Burning Man event, which have a broad scope and often require coordination outside the district organization."

As odd as the posting may seem, an RMP or Risk Management Plan for an event that attracts nearly 70,000 costumed characters to set up "theme camps" in a sandstorm-prone 7-square-mile patch in Black Rock Desert - is totally necessary.

The job posting expires on February 8, so for those interested, apply online here or email


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