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'Bachelorette' star Michelle Young wore a dress on the show that strapped 45 pounds of weight around her neck

Maria Noyen   

'Bachelorette' star Michelle Young wore a dress on the show that strapped 45 pounds of weight around her neck
  • Michelle Young's night-one dress from "The Bachelorette" was painful to wear, the designer said.
  • Couture dressmaker Randi Rahm told Insider Young wore over 40 pounds of weight around her neck.

Michelle Young was smiling in her shimmery, metallic couture dress for the most part on her first night as lead on "The Bachelorette," but she may have been in physical pain, the dressmaker told Insider.

New York City-based couture designer Randi Rahm, who created a majority of the evening gowns worn by women on "The Bachelorette," said Young's soft lime-colored gown was an example of a heavily-beaded bachelorette dress that's also backless, which puts a lot of the weight onto the neck.

"That's painful," Rahm said. "It was beautiful but you know what? The weight of it on her neck, it can cut into you after a while." She added that the total burden placed on Young's neck was roughly 45 pounds, which is something she would never advise any of her clients outside of the ABC reality show to wear.

"When I'm giving it, or making it, or tweaking it, to a real person, I'll make straps, or do something that becomes a little more comfortable," she said.

Rahm said she could imagine that most of her dresses used on the show can cause pain to the leads as they're not supposed to be worn for as long as filming takes place, especially on the first night, which she said can last well into the early hours of the morning.

"Some of these beaded gowns are not made to wear 24 hours," Rahm said. "They're made to wear for an event."

While she said she does make adjustments, such as adding fabric to make sure that no sequins are cutting into the skin of the bachelorette, the sheer weight of the dress can make the experience uncomfortable "no matter what."

Rahm said she first started having her dresses featured on the reality program after the stylist of the show, Cary Fetman, reached out to her when "The Bachelorette" began airing in 2003.

Fetman previously told Insider's Gabbi Shaw that leads on the show tend to wear sparkly dresses because the entrance driveway is wet and the gown needs to be one that can absorb water and dirt easily.

"I didn't let him pull from me for many years, until 'The Bachelorette' happened, which was a spinoff of 'The Bachelor,'" she said. While the leads often get thousands of pieces to choose from throughout filming, it's her designs that have most often wound up featuring on momentous episodes, such as the first night and the finale.

But, Rahm said, it's completely up to the leads. "It's the girls who, ultimately, choose every single thing they wear."

Even so, Rahm's popularity among the show's leads is still ongoing. In the current season, Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey both opted for Randi Rahm couture gowns for night one and the second episode, according to Fetman's Instagram posts.

Representatives for Michelle Young did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.


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