Billionaire Ratan Tata reveals his private 'love story' on Valentine's Day eve

Mumbai, In a rare peek into his personal sphere on Valentine's Day eve, renowned industrialist Rata Tata revealed certain private details like how he fell in love once and "almost got married".

It was in Los Angeles where he had a great time and the weather was beautiful, he had his own car and loved his job.

"It was in LA that I fell in love and almost got married. But at the same time, I had made the decision to move back at least temporarily since I had been away from my grandmother who wasn't keeping too well for almost 7 years," said Tata.


However, he later went to visit her and thought that the person he wanted to marry would come to India with him.

"But because of the 1962 India-China War, her parents weren't okay with her making the move anymore, and the relationship fell apart," said Tata, Chairman Emeritus of Tata Group, in a candid post on a Facebook page, 'Humans Of Bombay'.