These Photos Of A Man Falling Through Space Are Straight Out Of 'The Matrix'


Brad Hammonds has become something of a Flickr celebrity for "Falling Through Space," a series of photos that show him falling through the air in precarious poses.

Hammonds is an expat who lives in the Czech Republic and currently works as a teacher. He only pursues photography as a hobby, a fact that surprises many who have seen his impressive photos, which we first read about on Flickr's blog.

He photographs bodies (usually his own) falling in various positions and against numerous backdrops. "The idea comes from the concept of emotional delay and how one can never truly experience the full sensation of any moment until it has already passed," said Hammonds in an email to Business Insider.


He alters the photos as little as possible, but in order to keep himself safe and have the images look as cool as they do, a little digital manipulation is required. Although many people try to guess how he does it, Hammonds won't reveal his secret.

"The most common question I get is 'how?' " he said. "I feel satisfied when a viewer asks me, 'didn't that hurt?' It lets me know I've succeeded."