Trump might be backing down from plan to scrub climate data from the EPA's website


On Tuesday night, Reuters broke the news that the Trump administration had instructed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to scrub its climate data (or at least its links to its climate data) from its website.


Scientists and people interested in climate science reacted strongly to the news, stepping up efforts to download EPA data before any the apparent takedown.

(As of this writing, the page is still up.)

Environmental Protection Agency climate change

Environmental Protection Agency

The warning of a data wipe came from two anonymous EPA employees who leaked the plan to Reuters, and tracked with previous reporting from other sources like Inside EPA.


But now it seems that the Trump administration has silently backed down, for now, from the secret plan to scrub climate data from

Inside EPA reports that the administration has decided to "stand down" - for now.

As we've written before, there's still plenty of looming questions concerning exactly what is going on within Trump's EPA.

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