'Trump whisperer' Kellyanne Conway wore a wild 'revolutionary' dress to the inauguration


kellyanne conway inauguration dress

Reuters/Joshua Roberts

Conway's revolutionary outfit.

Kellyanne Conway: campaign manager, "Trump whisperer", and, now, revolutionary.

The latter is what Conway seems to be attempting to get across with the outfit she wore to the 2017 inauguration - what she called "Trump revolutionary wear" in a TV interview with an NBC affiliate (after accidentally calling it "Trump revolutionary war").

The 1700s-style outfit's centerpiece is the Gucci coat festooned with buttons shaped like the brand's famous feline symbol. She paired with a bright red hat, muted red gloves and a red handbag.

The a-line coat runs $3,600.

Some compared the coat to something theatergoers might see onstage at Hamilton or from the "Napoleon era."





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