What the median rent in New York City buys you in 25 big US cities

The median rent in New York City is $3,185 a month, according to residential real estate website Trulia.

It's the second highest in the nation, just after San Francisco ($3,995 per month).
In popular neighborhoods, like Battery Park City and Gramercy Park, you can expect to see rent prices tipping over $4,000 a month, according to real estate website Zumper. Going out of the city and into neighboring boroughs could save you money, but if you want to live in the heart of the city, you're probably going to pay the price.

And how about outside of New York City's five boroughs? What if you took your $3,185 a month and moved to Atlanta, Georgia? Could you get more for your money?

Below, find out what the median New York rent could buy you in the 25 biggest rental markets in the US. The listings, from Trulia, are all located where the crime rate is "low" to "lowest," and rent does not exceed $3,200 per month.