Why These Jimmy Choo Sneakers Cost $1095


Mr. Porter, a reputable high fashion online boutique for men, has a pair of of Jimmy Choo slip on sneakers for sale.


They cost $1,095.

You read that right. $1,095.

Jimmy Choo Slip On 1095

Mr. Porter

Jimmy Choo's Grove Studded Leather Slip-On Sneakers.

Vans Snake Leather Slip On Shoes Black


Van's classic slip on

At first glance, the Jimmy Choo slip-on doesn't look at much different from a Van's classic slip-on, which retails for the low price of $50.


Jimmy Choo's slip on does stand out by using a higher quality leather and suede coupled with embossed studs.

Granted the stud work probably takes a significant amount of time does it justify such a high price tag?

We hope that the leather Jimmy Choo selected is French or Italian (for the buyers sake) but we still can't seem to understand, why the shoe costs so much besides the embellishments and designer name.

We decided to take advantage of Mr. Porter's live chat feature to see if its experts could help us understand the high price tag.

Here's a conversation we had with Mr Porter rep, Ashley:

Welcome to MR PORTER, the men's style destination. A Customer Care advisor will be available shortly.
You are chatting with Ashley, how may I help you?
YOU: Hi Ashley
ASHLEY: Hello Sir, how may I assist you?
YOU: i have a question ... do you have any idea why these Jimmy Choo sneakers retail for $1000?
YOU http://www.mrporter.com/product/371138
YOU is it because of the materials?
YOU any idea?
ASHLEY These Jimmy Choo sneakers are made of black suede and leather and also covered in metal studs.
ASHLEY This is why they are so expensive. Also, Jimmy Choo is very high-end designer.

It seems like Ashley doesn't really know why the shoe is priced so high either. She immediately fell back on the "high-end" designer excuse. What's strange though, is that the majority of Jimmy Choo's women's pumps only cost between $500 (low-end) and $1000 (high-end).

Women are typically ok with spending hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars on shoes but the male audience typically needs to be convinced.

Don't get us wrong, we're all for paying a premium for high-quality items. In fact, we just endorsed the Saint Laurent 2013 boat shoe, which retails for $595.

We praised Saint Laurent it for its impeccable quality, materials, and smooth breaking-in process, but the $1,095 Jimmy Choo seems like a pretty steep price for something that isn't that extraordinary.

What do you think?