29 Common Misconceptions About Alcohol


You may drink, and you may party, but do you get My Drunk Kitchen wasted?


Well, it seems that drunk cooking videos host Hannah Hart's learned her fair share from her series - she hosted Mental Floss's weekly video list laying out 29 common misconceptions about alcohol.

Here are the 9 biggest alcohol-related myths, and why they are false. Check out the full 29 on Mental Floss or below.

1. Liquor before beer never fear, beer before liquor never sicker. There's no magical order of drinking that will save you from a hangover the next day. The order you drink certain types of alcohol in doesn't matter - even switching between beer, wine, and liquor throughout the night won't make a difference. Bottomline: all that matters is how much you drink, not if you saved the beer for last.

2. Breaking the seal means you'll have to pee more all night. Alcohol is a diuretic, so it's already going to make you pee a lot. "Breaking the seal" the first time will not increase the amount of times you have to go to the bathroom, but drinking lots of alcohol will.


3. Blackouts can eventually be remembered. If you wake up fuzzy on the details from the night before, you probably shouldn't even bother trying to remember: it's impossible. When we drink too much the part of our brain that encodes memories actually switches off. People claiming they remember what happened after they blacked out are probably having what are called false memories.

4. The lines on a solo cup are for measuring alcohol. While the lines on a solo cup do come close to matching up with alcohol measurements (the bottom line is close to one ounce for liquor, the middle line is close to five ounces for wine, etc.) the Solo company has said repeatedly that the lines on the cup do not exist for that purpose. They even went to the trouble of making a graphic on their Facebook page illustrating their point.

5. Mixing energy drinks with alcohol makes you drunker. Turns out it just energizes you. The problem is the extra shot of energy can make you feel less intoxicated than you actually are.

6. Tequila makes you crazy. There is no evidence that a type of alcohol gets you a certain type of drunk. So anyone claiming that wine makes them sad, or whiskey makes them angry, doesn't have much scientific evidence backing them up. The number of drinks and speed of drinking have the biggest impact on your drunk mood.

7. Eating before drinking keeps you sober. Eating before drinking does help your body absorb alcohol, but it only delays the alcohol entering your bloodstream, it doesn't restrict it. Your body absorbs the alcohol slower after a big meal, so eating before drinking can help the severity of your hangover. Eating a lot after drinking won't do anything for your hangover.


8. A night cap helps you sleep. A drink before bed will help you fall asleep faster, but your body will actually spend less time in REM, and the quality of your sleep will suffer.

9. You can cure a hangover by drinking more. A Mimosa or Bloody Mary in the morning won't make you feel better. All you're doing is prolonging the hangover. Same goes for coffee. Like alcohol, coffee is a diuretic, so it will dehydrate your body even more and likely prolong the hangover.

You can check out 20 more alcohol misconceptions in the video below:

This story was originally published by mental_floss.