Here Comes Another Oddly Shaped, Curved Smartphone

lg g flex 6Megan Rose Dickey/BusinessInsiderTHe LG G Flex

LG is reportedly preparing to announce a new version of its curved smartphone, the G Flex, next week at a press event in Las Vegas, according to Korean tech blog Naver (via Droid-Life). 

LG unveiled the first version of the G Flex at the end of 2013 just after Samsung had announced its curved phone, the Galaxy Round.

The second iteration of the G Flex, however is expected to come with a more powerful 64-bit processor and tri-band carrier agreggation, which should make upload and download speeds lightning-fast.Advertisement

Carrier agreggation is a technology that allows a phone to agreggate three different types of frequency bands into a single connection. That means it would be able to pick connections with the best bandwidth.

The G Flex hasn't really taken off since it launched on AT&T's network last year, mostly because there's no obvious benefit to owning a smartphone with a curved screen.

On larger electronics like televisions, the advantage is fairly obvious - you'd be able to see content that's on the screen from multiple angles.

But on a phone, it's not as useful. The screen is much smaller, and you're not gathering around a phone to watch a movie the same way you would a TV.

Some argue that the curved properties make the phone's screen more durable and less susceptible to cracks, while others say the slightly rounded shape makes it easier to slide into your pocket. But there's no real evidence yet, which makes curved screens seem like a gimmick.