Catch Lord Adair Turner, the technocrat who is devising ways and means to move towards a zero-carbon economy, at the Global Trends Festival 2020

Lord Adair Turner - Co-chair, Energy Transmission CommissionBusiness Insider Global Trends Festival
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Lord Adair Turner has held many roles -- that of a former financial regulator, an economics professor, and of course a part of the House of Lords. However, he calls himself a technocrat, and true to his word; he has been building consensus amongst industry and governments for a zero-carbon emission society.

Concerning India, he has dispelled many myths surrounding a slowing economy and investment in a sustainable future. He believes that going green will not add any significant excess pressure financially for governments and industry alike.

Turner, who is known for a large scale pension reform in the UK, has also been expressing concern over the lack of sufficient jobs to engage the working-age population of Indians in the future. According to him, working towards a zero-carbon economy can kill two birds at one shot -- create sustainability and create jobs, especially in a country with many young people.

He has been advocating recycling of steel and reducing photovoltaics' price to bring green energy on par with coal production as some of the measures to lower emissions. He expressed confidence that green energy costs will equal fossil fuel generation in about a decade or so.

At the Global Trends Festival 2020, Lord Turner will discuss the importance of industry, policy-makers, and the government to work together and create a sustainable roadmap.


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