Check Out These Award-Winning Images Of Things You Can't Normally See


Nikon just announced the winning images featured in its 40th annual Small World Photomicrography contest.


These images showcase the minute structures, cells, and living creatures we might come across in our daily lives but never notice. When magnified, however, these tiny things are revealed in all their breathtaking beauty.

The contest is an annual competition that features the work of scientists and photographers from around the world.

First-time first-place winner Rogelio Moreno of Panama won for his image of a miniscule freshwater creature known as the rotifer. Moreno captured the tiny critter with its mouth open - a chance event.

"When you see that movement, you fall in love. I thought, 'Wow, that is amazing. I can't believe what I'm seeing. This is something very, very beautiful,'" Moreno said in a press release. "I hope now it can inspire others as much as it has inspired me - to learn about science, to look closely and notice something truly amazing."


In addition to the top 20 award winners, we've included a selection of honorable mentions and images of distinction.