Do this one thing to instantly elevate your summer style

colorful socks


Striped socks are a gateway sock to colorful and patterned socks.

Suiting can get a bit same-y, so many men look to inject a bit of individuality into their everyday attire.

That's where socks come in.

For the man who isn't afraid of color, bright and patterned socks have surged in popularity in recent years.
Before we go any further, some common thought on sock matching: The traditional rule is that socks should match pants as closely as possible; the aim being that the socks will look like an extension of your trousers, which also makes legs appear longer.

But exe cpt for the most formal of occasions, you don't actually need to follow that rule.

The lifestyle of modern men offers a lot more room to experiment with color and pattern, especially in the case of smaller garments like socks.

However, taking a 180-degree turn and heading straight for neon socks may not be the best course of action.

colorful socks


Approach with caution.

There's a large gulf between boring and garish: you can't just throw on a wacky pair of socks and expect them to blend with any outfit. A style move like this requires a certain eye, and yes, respect for the rules, as pointed out by Real Men Real Style.

Here are three colorful sock rules to bear in mind:

  • Start slow and keep it simple and classic. Argyle, stripes, and solids are safe yet interesting places to start; paisley and polka dots move you up the ladder; and after that it won't be long until you're wearing dinosaur print socks, which are fine, if you know what you're doing.
  • Coordinate with the rest of your outfit. The level of your formality and the wackiness of your socks should be inversely proportional. Think about the colors you're wearing and stick with a general theme. For example, don't wear neon green socks with a black suit, but do wear them with a khaki suit.
  • Be aware of contrast and balance. If bright socks are the contrast for the lower portion of your outfit, you'll need some contrast (think a checked shirt or a pocket square) on your upper half.
  • CONFIDENCE. Bright socks make a statement. Wearing them with confidence is key to being able to pull off the look.

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