Game of Thrones Season 8 finale: Who is going to sit on the Iron Throne?

  • The final episode of “Game of Thrones” is about to air in next few hours.
  • Given the anticipation around how the show will conclude, there can be several alternative endings including the death of the dragon king.
  • Fans also hope that the night king may return.
The final episode of “Game of Thrones” is about to air in next few hours and fans are expecting a not-so-happy ending in the show’s finale.

In fact, over 105,000 unhappy fans were already demanding to remake the last season through signing a petition. The Game of Thrones season 8 might have been a major let down to the story of the iron throne but still has gained unprecedented popularity across the world.

"Game of Thrones" topped IMDb for six years in a row (2012-2017) based on the IMDbPro proprietary weekly TV rankings, which are determined by page views of the hundreds of millions of unique monthly visitors to IMDb worldwide. It may be noted that the show did not air new episodes in 2018.


Given this anticipation around how the show will conclude, Here are some of the speculative endings to the show:

The death of the “Mad” dragon queen
Daenerys turned evil, thanks to the hints dropped by the showrunners in the final season. And she will die in the finale episode. And it is possible that Arya is going to shut Daenerys’ green eye since Cersei is dead. There are also theories that Sansa will be the one to kill Daenerys.

Bran to decide the fate of Iron throne

Bran Stark will bring a big twist to the plot. Some believe that he has the power to travel back in time, and are placing their bets on him to go back in time and bring back some historic characters and set things right. Many think that he will be the next Night King as he was touched by the earlier one, and has his imprint on him.

The return of the Night King
Night King will come back. Arya Stark killed him in the final season, but fans think that killing him isn't so easy. And they think he will be back with his army of the undead for revenge.

One of the stark girls on the throne

Sansa, who has always been a survivor, may become the queen of the seven kingdoms. Many fans believe that Arya Stark will be the one sitting on the Iron Throne.

Jon Snow to sit on the Iron Throne
A big twist in the fate of Jon Snow is being predicted. Some feel that he will rise to his destiny and accept his heritage and agree to sit on the throne, while some think that he will "screw it up and become a wildling". Some think he will be the new Night King.

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