HBO's new 'Game of Thrones' poster is going to drive Jon Snow fans crazy


HBO knows exactly what will drive "Game of Thrones" fans nuts. Take a look at the new poster for season six:


 Yes, that looks like the mystery man of the year for "GoT" fans, Jon Snow (Kit Harington), as well as a confirmation the show will be back in April.

When we last saw Jon Snow on season five, he had been attacked by members of the Night's Watch - each taking a turn at stabbing the newly elected Lord Commander. He was left to bleed out in the snow.


jon snow


Jon Snow died on 'Game of Thrones,' or maybe not?

Fans instantly began to rally around the character. 

While HBO top brass, co-stars, and Harington himself have said Jon Snow is either dead or not returning, fans have continued a constant vigil for the beloved character's return.

Harington sightings have propelled fans to believe that the character will be back. Others feel the show hasn't completed his story.

Well, that seems like it might be what's happening here. HBO isn't being coy about its Snow hints. There's the poster as a billboard in New York City's Times Square:


 And here's one in Hollywood.

 Fans, you should be so proud of yourself for never losing the faith. HBO, shame on you.

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