Madison Avenue

Legendary Ad Exec Makes Job Applicants Go Through Hilarious Online Test

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners co-founder Rich Silverstein is looking for a new executive assistant in San Francisco, and the application process is the internet equivalent of an American Gladiators obstacle course.

A hilarious and absurd ad posted on Craigslist yesterday builds up Silverstein, one of the men behind the ubiquitous "Got Milk?" campaign, with prose you simply have to read yourself:

"Have you ever looked greatness in the eyes-- and cried because it was so damn beautiful it hurt your feelings?

If not, you should really get to know Rich Silverstein.

Rich has been inducted into halls of fame--yes, plural. His achievements read like a novel, albeit one written by Stephen King.

You've probably heard stories. And they're every bit as true as they are misleading. He is tough and expects greatness. But he holds himself to the same impossible standards.

The success he's had is the stuff of Mad Men. And the stuff of madmen.

Rich Silverstein answers to nobody. And that nobody could be you."

The ad then asks applicants with the requisite fearlessness, passion, and employability to visit the website www.work4rich.com to take what has to be one of the silliest skills tests in employment history.

In it, applicants are asked to memorize a list of names in three seconds, transcribe a message from a fast-talking mail room guy, and deciding who is most important from a group of contacts that includes Silverstein's wife Carla Emil, Kim Jong Un, and San Francisco rapper Too $hort.

Applicants are then told to send their elevator pitches to @Work4Rich, a Twitter account with a talent for brutally snappy replies: