Aam Aadmi party (AAP) leading candidate list in Delhi Election 2020

Aam Aadmi party (AAP) leading candidate list in Delhi Election 2020
The Aam Aadmi Party, as predicted in the exit polls, is leading in the majority of seats for the Delhi Assembly Elections 2020. The Election Commission data shows that AAP is leading 56 seats out of 70 in Delhi.

In New Delhi constituency, Incumbent Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is leading over BJP’s Sunil Yadav by over 6000 votes. In 2015, Kejriwal won the election with a margin of 31583 votes

Raghav Chadha, one of the Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP) youngest members, is contesting the Delhi election from the Rajinder Nagar constituency. He’s up against Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) RP Singh and Indian National Congress’ Rocky Tuseed.

Data from the Election Commission shows AAP's young candidate in the lead, well ahead of his opponents. RP Singh only has 38.73% vote share against Chadha's 57.39% with Congress' trailing with a mere 2.77%.

Meanwhile, in the Kalkaji seat there’s a close competition between AAP’s Atishi and BJP’s Dharambir Singh.

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ConstituencyConst. No.Leading CandidateLeading PartyTrailing CandidateTrailing PartyMarginStatus
ADARSH NAGAR4PAWAN SHARMAAam Aadmi PartyRAJ KUMAR BHATIABharatiya Janata Party904Result in Progress
AMBEDKAR NAGAR(SC)48AJAY DUTTAam Aadmi PartyKHUSHIRAM CHUNARBharatiya Janata Party2181Result in Progress
BABARPUR67GOPAL RAIAam Aadmi PartyNARESH GAURBharatiya Janata Party1994Result in Progress
BADARPUR53RAM SINGH NETAJIAam Aadmi PartyRAMVIR SINGH BIDHURIBharatiya Janata Party5333Result in Progress
BADLI5AJESH YADAVAam Aadmi PartyVIJAY KUMAR BHAGATBharatiya Janata Party591Result in Progress
BALLIMARAN22IMRAN HUSSAINAam Aadmi PartyLATABharatiya Janata Party1885Result in Progress
BIJWASAN36BHUPINDER SINGH JOONAam Aadmi PartySAT PRAKASH RANABharatiya Janata Party2688Result in Progress
BURARI2SANJEEV JHAAam Aadmi PartySHAILENDRA KUMARJanata Dal (United)10599Result in Progress
CHANDNI CHOWK20PARLAD SINGH SAWHNEYAam Aadmi PartyALKA LAMBAIndian National Congress12263Result in Progress
CHHATARPUR46KARTAR SINGH TANWARAam Aadmi PartyBRAHM SINGH TANWARBharatiya Janata Party1056Result in Progress
DELHI CANTT38Virender Singh KadianAam Aadmi PartyManish SinghBharatiya Janata Party1135Result in Progress
DEOLI(SC)47PRAKASH @ PRAKASH JARWALAam Aadmi PartyARVIND KUMARBharatiya Janata Party8092Result in Progress
DWARKA33VINAY MISHRAAam Aadmi PartyPARDUYMN RAJPUTBharatiya Janata Party558Result in Progress
GANDHI NAGAR61NAVEEN CHAUDHARYAam Aadmi PartyANIL KUMAR BAJPAIBharatiya Janata Party4059Result in Progress
GOKALPUR(SC)68SURENDRA KUMARAam Aadmi PartyRANJEET SINGHBharatiya Janata Party5791Result in Progress
GREATER KAILASH50SAURABH BHARADWAJAam Aadmi PartySHIKHA ROYBharatiya Janata Party4875Result in Progress
HARI NAGAR28RAJ KUMARI DHILLONAam Aadmi PartyTAJINDER PAL SINGH BAGGABharatiya Janata Party662Result in Progress
JANAKPURI30RAJESH RISHIAam Aadmi PartyASHISH SOODBharatiya Janata Party609Result in Progress
JANGPURA41PRAVEEN KUMARAam Aadmi PartyIMPREET SINGH BAKSHIBharatiya Janata Party1558Result in Progress
KALKAJI51ATISHIAam Aadmi PartyDHARAMBIR SINGHBharatiya Janata Party111Result in Progress
KAROL BAGH(SC)23VISHESH RAVIAam Aadmi PartyYOGENDER CHANDOLIYABharatiya Janata Party10038Result in Progress
KASTURBA NAGAR42MADAN LALAam Aadmi PartyRAVINDER CHOUDHRYBharatiya Janata Party2488Result in Progress
KONDLI(SC)56KULDEEP KUMARAam Aadmi PartyRAJ KUMARBharatiya Janata Party11521Result in Progress
LAXMI NAGAR58NITIN TYAGIAam Aadmi PartyABHAY VERMABharatiya Janata Party2470Result in Progress
MADIPUR(SC)26Girish SoniAam Aadmi PartyKailash SanklaBharatiya Janata Party1249Result in Progress
MALVIYA NAGAR43SOMNATH BHARTIAam Aadmi PartySHAILENDER SINGHBharatiya Janata Party2177Result in Progress
MANGOL PURI(SC)12RAKHI BIRLAAam Aadmi PartyKARAM SINGH KARMABharatiya Janata Party1465Result in Progress
MATIA MAHAL21SHOAIB IQBALAam Aadmi PartyRAVINDER GUPTABharatiya Janata Party9515Result in Progress
MATIALA34GULAB SINGHAam Aadmi PartyRAJESH GAHLOTBharatiya Janata Party1974Result in Progress
MEHRAULI45NARESH YADAVAam Aadmi PartyKUSUM KHATRIBharatiya Janata Party6652Result in Progress
MODEL TOWN18AKHILESH PATI TRIPATHIAam Aadmi PartyKAPIL MISHRABharatiya Janata Party4520Result in Progress
MOTI NAGAR25SHIV CHARAN GOELAam Aadmi PartySUBHASH SACHDEVABharatiya Janata Party3272Result in Progress
NANGLOI JAT11RAGHUVINDER SHOKEENAam Aadmi PartySUMAN LATABharatiya Janata Party4842Result in Progress
NARELA1SHARAD KUMARAam Aadmi PartyNEEL DAMAN KHATRIBharatiya Janata Party2371Result in Progress
NEW DELHI40ARVIND KEJRIWALAam Aadmi PartySUNIL KUMAR YADAVBharatiya Janata Party4387Result in Progress
PALAM37BHAVNA GAURAam Aadmi PartyVIJAY PANDITBharatiya Janata Party1424Result in Progress
PATEL NAGAR(SC)24RAAJ KUMAR ANANDAam Aadmi PartyPRAVESH RATNBharatiya Janata Party7720Result in Progress
PATPARGANJ57Manish SisodiaAam Aadmi PartyRavinder Singh NegiBharatiya Janata Party74Result in Progress
R K PURAM44PRAMILA TOKASAam Aadmi PartyANIL KUMAR SHARMABharatiya Janata Party4807Result in Progress
RAJINDER NAGAR39RAGHAV CHADHAAam Aadmi PartySARDAR R P SINGHBharatiya Janata Party5216Result in Progress
RAJOURI GARDEN27A DHANWATI CHANDELA AAam Aadmi PartyRAMESH KHANNABharatiya Janata Party2463Result in Progress
RITHALA6MOHINDER GOYALAam Aadmi PartyMANISH CHAUDHARYBharatiya Janata Party3579Result in Progress
ROHINI13RAJESH NAMA BANSIWALAAam Aadmi PartyVIJENDER KUMARBharatiya Janata Party1739Result in Progress
SADAR BAZAR19SOM DUTTAam Aadmi PartyJAI PARKASH (J.P)Bharatiya Janata Party5580Result in Progress
SANGAM VIHAR49DINESH MOHANIYAAam Aadmi PartyShiv Charan Lal GuptaJanata Dal (United)11302Result in Progress
SEELAMPUR65ABDUL REHMANAam Aadmi PartyKAUSHAL KUMAR MISHRABharatiya Janata Party420Result in Progress
SEEMA PURI(SC)63RAJENDRA PAL GAUTAMAam Aadmi PartySANT LALLok Jan Shakti Party9166Result in Progress
SHAKUR BASTI15SATYENDAR JAINAam Aadmi PartyDR. S. C. VATSBharatiya Janata Party309Result in Progress
SULTANPUR MAJRA(SC)10Mukesh Kumar AhlawatAam Aadmi PartyRam Chander ChawriyaBharatiya Janata Party8755Result in Progress
TILAK NAGAR29JARNAIL SINGHAam Aadmi PartyRAJIV BABBARBharatiya Janata Party4224Result in Progress
TIMARPUR3DILIP PANDEYAam Aadmi PartySURINDER PAL SINGH (BITTOO)Bharatiya Janata Party4211Result in Progress
TRILOKPURI(SC)55ROHIT KUMARAam Aadmi PartyKIRANBharatiya Janata Party12579Result in Progress
TUGHLAKABAD52SAHIRAMAam Aadmi PartyVIKRAM BIDHURIBharatiya Janata Party3674Result in Progress
UTTAM NAGAR32NARESH BALYANAam Aadmi PartyKRISHAN GAHLOTBharatiya Janata Party1186Result in Progress
VIKASPURI31MAHINDER YADAVAam Aadmi PartySANJAY SINGHBharatiya Janata Party3987Result in Progress
WAZIRPUR17RAJESH GUPTAAam Aadmi PartyDR. MAHENDER NAGPALBharatiya Janata Party5111Result in Progress