It'll take weeks to vet a COVID-19 vaccine

It'll take weeks to vet a COVID-19 vaccine
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If coronavirus vaccine results weren't quite enough breaking news for you this week, Amazon has officially unveiled its long-awaited Amazon Pharmacy service, selling prescription medications and offering discount services for Prime members.

Much like Amazon's original foray into the pharmacy space through its acquisition of PillPack, the news of Amazon Pharmacy's official launch has sent healthcare stocks tumbling premarket. (At a glance, CVS Health is down 7.6%, Walgreens is down 9.6%, and GoodRx is down nearly 20%)

Blake Dodge has a good look at how Amazon's work in pharmacy fits in with its overall health ambitions. You can read the full story here.


Also today in healthcare news: The man in charge of evaluating COVID-19 vaccines explains why it'll still take weeks to vet the shots, how much pharmacies, doctor's offices and hospitals stand to make while giving the vaccine, and Operation Warp Speed's hand in Moderna's coronavirus vaccine.

It'll take weeks to vet a COVID-19 vaccine
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The man in charge of evaluating coronavirus vaccines for the FDA lays out why it will take weeks to vet a COVID-19 shot

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Pharmacies, doctor's offices and hospitals are gearing up to give coronavirus vaccines to millions of Americans. Here's how they're preparing and how much they stand to profit along the way.

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Moderna's promising coronavirus vaccine is a major beneficiary of the Trump administration's Operation Warp Speed

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