This one step guide to catch the culprit selling your info across internet is a life saver during the cyber security crisis the world is suffering from

Have you ever started getting emails, newsletters, deals etc that you know you never signed for? Well, it is possible some site you did sign up for is selling your address to a third party. No matter how much you try, they keep flooding your mail.

These newsletters might not be harmful but at times when the world is gripped with cyber security and surveillance crisis after Edward Snowden’s revelations this comes as scary information.

But with this trick posted on Digital Trends one can do email tracking to see exactly who’s selling your info across the internet. This only works on Gmail email address.

Let’s say your email is Anyway, when are signing up for a website, instead of typing, you can type in The website would be the name of the website you are signing up for.

Google doesn’t read the plus sign, so anything after that is irrelevant. It’ll only read the email as So when you start getting emails you don’t want, check what email address it’s sent to. If it has the +website from a site you signed up for, but the email is from someone else entirely, you have your culprit!

(Image credits: indiatimes)