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Top 10 Unexplored Vacation Places In India

Top 10 Unexplored Vacation Places In India
Indians are evolving as travellers and seeking new experiences beyond the regular holiday spots that are just a tick in the box. The emerging neo-travelers want to explore places unknown, breathtaking landscapes and mingle with the locals to experience the place in its true sense and beauty. The peace, serenity and experience provided by these places are next to none. Expedia lists out a few enchanting destinations that are topping the lists of Indian travellers looking for the unexplored territories.

1. Haflong is a hill station in Assam also referred as the land of blue hills. The green valley and the hilly treks at Borai hills are hotspots of adventure tourism events like hang gliding, Para-gliding and Trekking.

2. Tawang is another such place. Located in Arunachal Pradesh, it has a well preserved Tawang Monastery which makes it a popular tourist destination. The Jang waterfall is famous for its beauty and the Sela Pass remains covered with snow for most part of the year. It also has a handicrafts center that promotes small scale industries for local handicraft.

3. Gurez: Kashmir: Gurez is considered to be one of the most picturesque valleys of Kashmir. Gateway of the ancient ‘Silk Route’, Gurez also incorporates the famous pyramid shaped ‘Habba Khatoon’ peak named after the Kashmiri poetess. Although the tourist related infrastructure is yet to be developed in this area, the accommodation facility is available in the main town of Dawar and the nearby villages. The beautiful Kishen Ganga river flows through Gurez valley with its clear blue waters and rafting can be done here. (Courtsesy: bmctouring)

4. Warwan Valley: The efforts to reach this heavenly valley are worth it as you have to cross the tricky Margan Top (from where the famous Nun Kun peak can be seen on a clear day). Another gem in the unexplored Kashmir, Warwan valley in Kishtwar district situated at an altitude of approx 7000 feet from sea level offers breathtaking vistas of greenery, waterfalls and clear skies. Warwan valley is sandwiched between Kashmir and Ladakh. On a moonlit night, one is enthralled by the sheer beauty of the snow peaks of Zanskar range and the shimmering Dariya-E-Chinab flowing through the valley with distant echoes of shepherds getting their ships back home. (Courtesy: panoramio)

5. Kalimpong, West Bengal: An offbeat hill station in West Bengal that hasn’t been explored a lot by too many people outside the East. Tibetan monasteries and crafts and churches make it a lovely retreat for the summer and winters. Make sure to shop for orchids in the elaborate flower markets of Kalimpong.

6. Lepchajagat, West Bengal: Lepchajagat is located on a hill covered with Oaks forests and beautiful rhododendron. It is situated on Ghoom-Mirik road at the Sukhipokhri near Darjeeling. This place has an astonishing exquisiteness that is difficult to get over. The curious play of colors in the sky strikes you straight away. Partly black and white clouds drift from one hill to another. The other places close by that are not to be missed include Jorepokri, Mirik and Pashupati. (Courtesy:

7. Tarkarli Beach, Maharashtra: Known for its scenic beauty, the place will leave you awestruck. A walk down the edge of the sparkling blue waters in a beautiful experience. It also offers houseboat cruise on the Karli river and is one of the highpoints of the place. Adventure activities like snorkeling or scuba diving or underwater swimming are available for adventure seeking couples. Do not forget to try some of the delectable sea food that Tarkarli is famous for. (

8. Diveagar, Maharashtra: Gentle wind, sun kissed sands, calm and clean waters make the place appealing. The beach is a pleasant and clear water beach with the option of multiple water sports. The coconut cultivation that runs across the beach line makes it a lovely place to spent time around sunset with your partner. Bagmandala Beach is a clean and secluded beach near Srivardhan and one shall enjoy playing in the white sands of this beach. One can also visit the adjacent Bankot Fort via a boat ride.(Courtesy:

9. Andaman: The Islands are shrouded in the mystery for centuries because of their inaccessability. A paragon of beauty, these islands present a landscape of scenic and picturesque extravaganza, shimmering like emeralds in the Bay of Bengal and consists of 572 emerald Islands (36 of which are inhabited), islets and rocks slets and rocks.

10. Lakshadweep: Comprising a string of 36 palm-covered, white-sand-skirted coral islands 300km off the coast of Kerala, Lakshadweep is as stunning as it is isolated. The real attraction of the islands lies under the water: the 4200 sq km of pristine archipelago lagoons, unspoiled coral reefs and warm waters are a magnet for flipper-toting travellers and divers alike.(Courtesy:

(The author is Vikram Malhi, Managing Director-Asia, of travel website Expedia. You can visit Expedia at