Top companies are hiring at B-schools like never before and none of them is a startup

Top companies are hiring at B-schools like never before and none of them is a startupThe year 2016 is going to be one of the best years for fresh MBAs as top recruiters are back in action. India’s 10 biggest recruiters have hired more than 1,500 MBAs from 26 leading B-schools this year.

According to a study conducted by ET, top companies recruited a total of 1,543 MBAs from 26 leading B-schools, compared with 1,033 hires across 22 campuses in 2015.

The hiring increased to an average of 59 hires per campus, this year, compared with the last two years when the average hires per campus were 47 and 37, respectively.

Deloitte displaced IT major Cognizant and was at the top position in recruitment drive. Cognizant dominated the list for three years. This time, Deloitte walked into the first position with 282 hires across the surveyed campuses.

Cognizant hired 245 MBAs, followed by ICICI Bank in third. The biggest upset was in the case of Snapdeal. The e-commerce company, which held ninth place last year, disappeared completely from the overall top list.


The technology space unexpectedly put up a strong show. Infosys made an entry to the top recruiters list for the first time since 2012 and was at fourth place.

Tata Consultancy Services, which last featured on the top recruiters list in 2013, and IBM, which was not seen on the list since emerging as the top recruiter in the 2012 edition, managed to grab themselves a position in the list at 8th and 10th position, respectively

KPMG, Amazon, HCL and Vodafone, this year were off the list. . Only the top 10 recruiters at each of the B-schools tracked here have been considered for the purpose of the survey. Place with 223 graduates recruited.

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