Travelling solo makes Indian women feel empowered, reveals OYO survey


OYO conducted a survey among its women customers to unearth trends on how Indian women like to travel. The data is based on research conducted among 400 women in the age group 18-60+ across different locations in India, including Delhi, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Odisha, Telangana and Madhya Pradesh.

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The survey had some interesting findings:

● 37% respondents reported traveling only for leisure, while 53% traveled for both work and leisure.
● Women appear to be more conscientious workers, or at least those with less disposable time on their hands as only 51% reported clubbing a work trip with personal break, while 23% claimed they had never considered it

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● 27% respondents said they preferred traveling solo - of this, 36% said they enjoyed it but 33% said they had to opt for it because it was “difficult matching schedules with friends or companions”
● Friends (57%) rank higher than Family (51%) as “preferred travel companions” for women but partners reign supreme at 62%
● Personal research via internet and magazines ranks higher (78%) than recommendations from friends & family (51%) while choosing a travel destination. Social media came third (32%) and movies trailed the last (12%) when it came to sparking travel inspiration.

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● “Safety” ranked as the #1 factor followed by “cost of trip” when it came to selecting a travel destination
● Contrary to expectations, 69% women opted for budget hotels over five-star hotels (18%) while 6% preferred to stay in a hostel while traveling
● 10% respondents had never stayed with friends or family while traveling, but all had “often” or “sometimes” stayed at a budget hotel!
● While 10% women totally shot down the idea of impulsive trips, accommodation (52%) was the biggest concern followed by expense (29%) due to booking at short notice
● Budget hotels (35%) topped the choice of accommodation for women traveling solo, followed by staying with friends or family (25%)