10 Things In Tech You Need To Know Today

dick costolo sun valley22

Getty / Scott Olson

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo

Good morning! It's going to be warm and sunny. There's a chance that we have thunder storms late in the day in New York. Let's get to the news:

  1. Twitter is planning to raise $1.5 billion in convertible debt.
  2. Apple's iPhone 6 launch in China has been delayed. It will not sell the iPhone 6 starting September 19, but there's no explanation for the delay. Chinese telecom execs are mad.
  3. Our own Henry Blodget offers his take on Apple's big event: He's thrilled about the phones, indifferent to the watch, and nervous as an investor.
  4. Ben Thompson, one of the more thoughtful and considerate tech analysts out there, digs into the Apple Watch presentation. He seems pretty unimpressed, saying, "we never got an explanation of why the Apple Watch existed." But he hedges by saying, "Ultimately, I'm bullish on the Apple Watch."
  5. Speaking of the Apple Watch, here is a report on it from Yahoo's David Pogue that has all sorts of tid bits no one else reported.
  6. Benjamin Clymer, a "watch guy" offers the most interesting write up of the Apple Watch, complete with dozens of big beautiful photos.
  7. Google bought Lift Labs, a company that made a spoon for people with tremors. Lift Labs will become a part of Google's experimental group, Google X.
  8. This is Minecraft, the game that Microsoft might spend $2 billion to acquire.
  9. Microsoft is killing the "Nokia" branding for its phones, and will instead just go with "Microsoft Lumia" for its phone names.
  10. Stephen Hawking and Intel announced an internet-connected wheelchair.