21 Tips To Save Battery Life On Apple iOS 8 Devices [Infographic]

If every time we got a penny for the question ‘how can we extend our iPhones battery life?’, we would be couple of thousand dollars richer. Apple iPhones battery life is quite bad and we often hear the question on how to improve it. iOS 7 drained battery of Apple devices very rapidly. In fact on the iPhone 5S with iOS 7 installed, the phone’s battery juice lasts for less than 18 hours.

With the iOS 8 now out in the open, things have improved. But, it can be better. We came across this nice little infographic released by Ligo UK, which gives you 21 tips on how to extend your iOS 8 devices battery life. Following some or all of them would really help. We cracked up when we read number 21. Have a look.


Source: ligo.co.uk