4 ways Windows 10 is better than Apple's El Capitan - and 3 ways it isn't


Windows 10

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Most of the reviews of Windows 10 have applauded the new OS as a good upgrade from Windows 7 and a necessary upgrade from Windows 8.


But Laptop Magazine's Mark Spoonauer took a different approach with his review.

He pitted Windows 10 against the Mac's OS X El Capitan, using the near-final version of Windows 10 and the public beta of El Capitan for a few weeks. He scored them in nine categories and declared Windows 10 was best overall.

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Out of 100 possible points, Windows 10 was awarded 70 and OS X El Capitan nabbed 45

That said, Mac's OS still beat out Windows in a few key areas, too.


Windows 10 won on:

Interface: things like managing apps and customizing the workspace. For instance, you can't close apps from the El Capitan's Mission Control view but you can from Windows 10's similar Task View.

Multitasking: El Capitan offers a new "split view" with two side-by apps. The Snap feature in Windows 10 lets can snap up to four apps.

Cortana: Search the web, your PC, set reminders and get help in doing other tasks, and do it using voice control, if you so choose.

Scribble notes on Web pages: With Windows' new Edge browser, you can write notes with a digital pen, or scribble directly on a touchscreen (and it sort of works with a touchpad).

El Capitan won on:

mac os x el capitan mission control

Business Insider

General Web browsing: The updated Safari, with pinned tabs, was better for websurfing than the new Edge, this reviewer found, including letting you mute auto-play videos and such.


Phone integraton: El Capitan is the hands-down winner for iPhone users.

iWork is free. El Capitan includes Pages, Numbers, and Keynote.

Microsoft Office is not included with Windows 10 on PCs. You'll need an Office 365 subscription if you want it (although the cloud-only version is available for free).

Both of them did well on

The quality of their built-in apps, like mail, photos, maps, and notes.


If you are a Mac lover, you'll be plenty happy with El Capitan.


If you are a Windows lover you'll like Windows 10.

And if you're on the fence, Windows 10 is getting a lot of kudos, and the selection of PCs, tablets and devices that it runs on, at all price points, can't be beat. There will be hundreds of new devices this holiday season. Give it a serious look before you choose.

Disclosure: I use a Macbook Pro for work. I use an iPhone. I use a Windows 10 convertible for personal and fun stuff. Husband uses a Surface Pro 3 for work. We have an Xbox One in our living room. I like 'em all.

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