A Bunch Of Companies Are Betting On 'Connected Cars' - But Most People Don't Even Know What They Are

The "Internet of Things" - that includes cars - may be all the rage at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but a Harris Poll survey from July 2014 shows that most US car owners either don't know or don't care about "connected cars" - cars that can connect to the internet, basically. 

Based on data charted for us by BI Intelligence, over 80% of the ~14,000 US drivers surveyed, who all owned a car from 2009 or later, said they were unfamiliar with the "connected car" concept. Either they had heard of it but didn't know what it was (42%), or had never heard of it at all (44%). From that same survey, more than two-thirds of drivers said they were either "somewhat interested " or "not interested at all in owning" a connected car, with only 15% of people saying they were either very interested (9%) or extremely interested (6%) in owning one.

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