EventBrite's New App Is An All-In-One Solution For Event Organizers

Eventbrite Neon app


Most people use Eventbrite to find tickets to live events, but Eventbrite's new app is designed to help those who are organizing the events you're attending.

It's called Neon, and it's designed to let organizers track and manage events right from their phones.

By shrinking down everything you'd find in a box office into a single mobile application, Neon can help event planners sell and scan tickets, check people in using their ID, issue refunds, print paper tickets, and track sales.Advertisement

"I think the live events space is ripe for innovation," Laurent Sellier, EventBrite's VP of product, told Business Insider. "Neon is essentially designed to sell tickets at a venue."

Since it's designed for theaters, concert halls, and other event venues, Neon was created to function well in low-lit and noisy conditions. Neon's aesthetic uses high contrast colors to help with visibility in the dark, and there's even a check-in ding! to help ticket attendants rely on sound rather than visible confirmation.

Eventbrite Neon app



Sellier says the core goal in designing Neon was to speed up the check-in process at live events, and a lot of attention has been to streamlining the required steps.

The dashboard tab lets you track sales, the sell tab is for new customers looking to buy a ticket, and the check-in tab lets planners see who has confirmed attendance in the hours before the event, in addition to checking in those in line. The order tab is for issuing refunds, and settings allows managers to limit what information their employees have access to, such as total ticket sales.Advertisement

"I do think this is quite a disruptive offering in terms of mobile box office," Sellier said. "I think it's going to open up a whole new market for us."

You can try out Neon for yourself over at Eventbrite's website.