Here's how much New York City's Airbnb hosts actually earn in a year



AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews

Supporters of Airbnb hold a rally in New York.

New York City residents who choose to put their home up on Airbnb aren't exactly raking in the cash, but they're earning a nice chunk of extra change each year through the service.


That's according to new data out today from Airbnb, which tracked median earnings of Airbnb hosts from June 2015 to June 2016. According to the data, hosts in New York City earned, on average, $5,474 from the service last year.

That median income differs neighborhood by neighborhood. Those in Midtown Manhattan earn $8,286 from Airbnb, while hosts in Queens are earning about $4,100 in one year. As of June 1, New York City had 41,373 active listings.

The new data comes a little more than a week after a report titled "Short Changing New York City" was released, which stated that rental rates are rising most quickly in neighborhoods where Airbnb is popular, and that Airbnb is responsible for gentrifying predominantly minority neighborhoods. The study was commissioned by advocates for affordable housing.

This new data appears to come as a direct response to the claims in that study. The report - which is titled "One Host, One Home" - states that Airbnb has taken down 2,233 listings in the last year that appearded to come from hosts listing multiple homes that "could impact long term housing availability." The report states that Airbnb has removed 1,585 listings in Manhattan, 464 in Brooklyn and 126 in Queens.


Airbnb said in the report: "We are concerned about hosts who may offer space that could otherwise have been on the long­term rental housing market in New York City. We regularly review hosts with more than one entire home listing...If we find listings that do not reflect our vision for our community, we take action by removing them from our platform."