Is This The Beginning Of The End Of TV's Advertising Dominance?

Peter Kafka at Re/Code suggests that we may finally be hitting peak TV advertising dollars. He sites data from Nielsen, which Statista charted for us here.

The average price per a 30-second advertising is down $1,100 over the last four years. Yet, the overall revenue for TV advertising is up.

How does that work? TV networks are running more ads then ever. On network TV, it's 14 minutes, 35 seconds of ads per hour of programming in 2013, versus 13 minutes, 25 seconds in 2009. On cable TV, it's 15 minutes, 38 seconds, versus 14 minutes, 27 seconds in 2009.

At some point, this has to crack. People are not going to watch live TV if it's overrun with ads, especially when they can DVR things, or get them on-demand.

TV advertsing

Business Insider/Statista

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