It's Amazon's Time To Explain How It Will Continue To Own Cloud Computing

Amazon CTO Werner Vogels

Flickr/Leonid Mamchenkov

Amazon CTO Werner Vogels

Hello! Here's our weekly look at what's coming this week in tech.

It's unfortunately going to be a slow week, it seems according to Techmeme's calendar.Advertisement

Starting tomorrow, Amazon is hosting its cloud computing conference AWS re:Invent 2014 in Las Vegas. The cloud computing wars have heated up lately with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella pushing Microsoft harder into cloud computing. Google is also competing fiercely. Amazon is the leader in the space. This conference will be all about protecting and extending that lead.

Cisco reports earnings on Wednesday, November 12. Cisco always has something interesting to say about the macro economic conditions.

There's also the Techonomy conference, which is happening from Tuesday November 11 to Friday November 14. Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, and David Marcus, head of Facebook messenger are amongst the big list of speakers.