People who work in tech say these are the 25 best colleges in America


Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT rocket team


MIT is the No. 1 school in America according to tech professionals.

We recently released our seventh annual list of the 50 best colleges in America.


To create this list, we asked more than 1,000 of our readers to weigh in on which schools best prepare students for success after graduation.

We filtered the responses to only include people who said that they work in tech.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology was the No. 1 school on our main list of the best colleges, and remained so here.

Over 67% of survey respondents in the tech industry agreed that MIT is the best school. Stanford followed in second place with 54.7% of the vote, and Caltech came in third (48.9%).


Over 69% of people who work in tech think majoring in engineering or computer science will bring college students the most success after graduation.

Here are the 25 best schools according to people who work in tech:

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2. Stanford University

3. California Institute of Technology

4. Harvard University


5. University of California at Berkeley

6. Yale University

7. Princeton University

8. Carnegie Mellon University

9. Cornell University


10. Duke University

11 (TIE). Columbia University

11 (TIE). Dartmouth College

13 (TIE). Georgia Institute of Technology

13 (TIE). Northwestern


15. University of Pennsylvania

16. University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

17. University of California at Los Angeles

18. Brown University

19. Johns Hopkins University


20. University of Chicago

21. United States Naval Academy

22. Georgetown University

23. United States Military Academy

24 (TIE). New York University


24 (TIE). University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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