The 13 Best Tech Companies For Internships, According To Their Interns

Cisco interns


Cisco interns

No part of the tech job market is more insane than the fight for interns.

Companies are looking to snap up brilliant young college grads before their competitors do. Interns are looking for the right combination of training and fun.

That leads companies to shower their interns with money, perks and challenging projects.Advertisement

Some 4,700 U.S. companies are looking for interns today, but not all internships are created equally, according to job-hunting site Glassdoor. Glassdoor just published its annual list of the 25 best companies for interns and, not surprisingly, the list was dominated by tech companies.

Glassdoor, which rates companies based on feedback from employees, looked at the feedback interns gave on 20,000 U.S. companies to come up with this list.