There's a clever trick that lets you use the Apple Watch as a remote shutter for Snapchat



Snapchat finally lets you zoom in while shooting video, but did you know you can also use your Apple Watch as your own personal Snapchat remote control?


Snapchat doesn't have an official Apple Watch app, but a clever Reddit user has discovered how to use the Apple Watch as a remote shutter of sorts, allowing you to snap photos from afar.

With this little hack, you can stop taking selfies and set up a shot beforehand, using your Apple Watch to remotely take the picture when you've positioned everything and walked back into the frame.

Here's how it works.

First you'll need to open up Snapchat on your iPhone and navigate to camera mode. Position the phone how you want it for the shot.


SnapchatSteven Tweedie

Next, make sure your Apple Watch is on the default watch face screen and then swipe upwards to open up the Music glance, which looks like this.

Apple Watch Music glanceBusiness Insider

Now, when you're ready to snap a photo, simply rotate - don't push - the Digital Crown button on the side of the watch to take the picture.

And that's all there is to it!


Since Snapchat lets you use the iPhone's volume buttons to take photos, tweaking the volume on the Apple Watch registers the same as pushing one of the iPhone's volume buttons. That's why this little trick works.