This interview with Mark Zuckerberg from 11 years ago shows just how much Facebook has changed

mark zuckerberg facebookYouTube/CNBCYouTube/CNBC

Facebook is an absolute beast. It's got over a billion users and it's still one of the biggest, fastest growing companies out there right now - it's even bigger than Google in some respects.

So it's crazy to think about how just over a decade ago, Facebook was just another up-and-coming website.

There's no better way to understand this shift than to look at a 2004 CNBC interview with CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who boasted at the time that his social network, "The Facebook," just reached 100,000 registered users after launching earlier in the year.

"When we first launched we were hoping for 400-500 people," Zuckerberg said.

Zuckerberg said he hoped to add more universities to Facebook later that year, and also "launch a bunch of side applications which should keep people coming back to the site and maybe make something cool."

Little did he know Facebook's platform would grow to extraordinary proportions, with apps for messaging, voice and video calling, writing notes, sending gifts, and so much more, resulting in billions of dollars in company revenue each year. 

Check out a clip from Zuckerberg's interview below.

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