Uber will let you order a kitten to your office - but just today

cat kitten string

Flickr / Belal Khan

Uber, but for delivering you an adorable kitten.

Today is National Cat Day, so to celebrate appropriately, Uber is letting you request a kitten on-demand.

Uber's UberKITTENS campaign is intended to raise awareness about cat adoption, and to promote adopting animals from shelters rather than from breeders. In most of the 50 cities participating this year, you can elect to adopt the kitten Uber brings you, if you feel so inclined.

Each delivery for 15 minutes of kitten playtime costs $30. Shelters prefer you hail an UberKITTEN to your office and not your home. Uber says it's helped 30 kittens get adopted through its UberKITTENS promotion.Advertisement

The promotion is open to users in cities including Montreal, Atlanta, Boise, Las Vegas, Cincinnati, New York City, San Francisco, Toronto, and Washington, DC. Open the app between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. and you should see a "KITTENS" option where you can request a cat.

If there's an available kitten, an Uber driver will transport the feline to you. You get 15 minutes of play time with the kitten, and you can learn more about cat adoption from the shelter volunteer chaperoning your kitten's visit.

Kitten deliveries are only taking place for a few hours in participating cities, so you'll want to act quickly - high demand has caused an UberKITTEN shortage in years past, and it's reportedly harder to get your paws on an UberKITTEN than it is to win the lottery.

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