Why Automated Ad Buying And Real-Time Bidding Is Surging


Programmatic advertising is the automation of online ad-buying, and it's reshaping the digital media landscape. 

A wide majority of publishers and advertisers are already using automated ad-buying and selling tools, including real-time bidding. These are auctions for ad placements that occur in the seconds before a website loads. While there are clear benefits, significant barriers to more usage exist. These include brand worries over whether ads will appear alongside inappropriate content, internal resistance at ad agencies, and lack of transparency over methods and results.

We have prepared a short video on some of the key points in our subscriber-only report on programmatic advertising, which we also recently presented during Business Insider's Ignition conference earlier this month.
Click on the image below to watch.

(Duration: 2:25)

-- Produced by Hope King. Report by Research Analyst Mark Hoelzel.

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