A bank filmed a real pigeon for an entire day to create an ad that makes it look like it's skanking to a famous ska song

Here's a fun new ad from Virgin Money that aims to show how the brand stands apart from other, boring banks.

Virgin Money's production company, Rattle Stick, shot the real pigeon for an entire day and managed to piece together enough footage to make it look as though it is dancing along to 2 tone/ska revival band The Selecter's 1979 hit "On My Radio."

Yes - it's a real pigeon and those movements are real, we're told.

The ad is only airing on TV in the UK, but judging by the success of another UK-only effort - mobile carrier Three's dancing pony ad, which has been watched more than 10 million times on YouTube - expect this to be another viral hit.

The "Pigeon" spot will be followed by another TV ad in April, and supported by a print campaign that uses other animals (a sloth, squirrel, guide dog, and a goat) to represent its range of products and services. Credits for the campaign also go to its media agency m/SIX and content agency AllTogetherNow.

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