Amazon is looking to hire 1,300 people in India, the most anywhere outside US

Amazon is looking to hire 1,300 people in India, the most anywhere outside US

  • Amazon is hiring extensively to back its expansion plan in India
  • Creating jobs will also help Amazon in its negotiations with the government
  • Employees at Amazon India account for 10% of Amazon’s workforce globally.
The Indian government may have tried pull the rug out from under e-commerce players like Amazon but the enterprise led by Jeff Bezos’ remains bullish on India. There are a whopping 1,300 job openings available with Amazon India currently, which is thrice as many as compared to China.

Globally Amazon has 610,000 employees and at the end of 2018, 10% of them were directly employed with the company in India. Most of the vacancies in India are available in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

Even if you’re looking outside the Asia-Pacific region, Germany is the only other country where Amazon has as many openings as India.

Expanding fast

It’s not only Amazon expanding its e-commerce space that’s having an impact, but also Amazon’s expansion of AWS, its cloud business, to meet India’s data localisation norms and launch its own User Payments Interface (UPI)..

The localisation of its content on Prime Video and its voice-assistant, Alexa, is another facet that the company is in the process of addressing.

Since localisation is the bearing for all of Amazon’s expansion plans in India, it only makes sense that they’ll need more people from the country to help with the change.

Reading between the lines

While the expansion plans may have a lot to do with why Amazon is diligently looking to hire in India, another possible explanation is that they’re looking to strengthen their case to keep operating without obstacles in India.

Generating new employment could help Amazon push its ongoing policy discussions with the Indian government, which is faced with a growing outrage over lack of employment opportunities.

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